Warmest greetings from the JAMA Global Campus in Lindale, TX! 


By the grace of God and through your continued prayers and generous giving, JAMA celebrated its 25th anniversary in November of 2018. We were able to remember and praise God for all the years of His faithfulness. To make it even sweeter, we were able to celebrate on the JAMA Global Campus – and in our auditorium (renovated just in time through your generosity!) that He has graciously given to us all. 

We are humbled to tears at God’s amazing lovingkindness when we think back over all that God has done: surviving as a ministry with only a handful of dedicated staff, some desks and computers, basic office equipment, and a small rented office space. We are also moved by your steadfast friendship and financial partnership in praying for awakening and revival and in raising up the next generation of Kingdom servant leaders. 

All glory to God the Father, our Lord Jesus Christ, and the work of the Holy Spirit for making all of this happen through you!

When JAMA moved to East Texas, we were warmly welcomed by the community. Local pastors and leaders generously opened their hearts to us, recognized us in their worship services, fully embraced our vision, and have continued to pray for us – and with us. We host weekly prayer meetings on Thursdays, and many from the community – even those from over two hours away (!) – who join us to repent and pray for revival. Every Saturday morning, our JAMA intercessors drive around the Garden Valley area for two hours to stop and pray for the area's schools, churches, city halls, and ministries. Indeed, this area has a rich spiritual history, from Keith Green and his Last Days Ministries, to David Wilkerson and World Challenge, Agape Force, Teen Mania, Sky Ranch, YWAM, Mercy Ships, and Fatherheart Ministries (Living Alternatives). We could not be more thankful to be based here in what many have called “Little Jerusalem.”

Despite the global campus being a work in progress, we were able to host - for the very first time - our 40-day servant leadership training program, GLDI. The students comfortably lodged in the renovated dorms, gathered daily for meals in the dining hall, and heard from speakers in the newly renovated Lecture Hall A. We could not have asked for a better group of students for the first GLDI on our global campus who patiently and graciously dealt with the various issues that came up with the ongoing renovations and repairs. After GLDI in August 2018, we hosted JAMA’s 23rd Intercessory Prayer Conference, the first IPC on the campus. The feedback from the conference participants was tremendous.

"Rise & Build! - Project 5K" Report

July 1, 2017 - October 31, 2018

In addition, we want to share with you in more detail the progress on Phase 1 of the renovation and repairs of our facilities. The initial goal of Phase 1 of the Rise and Build campaign was $5 million. Through your generosity God gave us $4.52 million and we are so thankful!

Thank you so much for making this possible through your prayers and generous giving hearts.


Please refer to the following renovation progress report chart for brief details on what has been and what needs to be done.​

While we did our best to be as cost-efficient as possible, the overall budget to repair and renovate the campus – in order for us to fully operate all of JAMA’s programs and carry out the planned revenue-generating activities – has increased to $5.5 million.  


The goal of Phase 2 of our Rise and Build campaign is $970,000.


In that regard, here are the Phase 2 projects:


  • Solar panel installation (for drastically reducing electric bills): $250,000

  • Morris Hall renovation and repair: $250,000 

  • Carey Hall renovation and repair: $250,000

  • Installing campus-wide security system: $30,000

  • Gym repair project: $120,000

  • Final phase of repair on Kitchen and Dining Hall: $45,000

  • Campus road repair: $25,000

Total estimated Phase 2 budget: $970,000

There’s no getting around it. We need your help.