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[January 2018] PRAYER UPDATES

Prayer Updates for

The United States of America

  1. President Trump continues the approval process in appointing 103 individuals as Supreme Court Justices. Please pray that those who are appointed will be equipped and committed to steering this nation according to Biblical principles. Please pray also that under their tenure, the United States judiciary will submit to the will of the Father.

  2. Please pray that the public school education system across America would return to God. Please pray that School Boards and Education Departments across the nation will reinstate required Bible classes, that schools will afford to teach staff and faculty the liberty share Gospel testimonies during class times, that History courses will boldly and accurately teach material based on Biblical Creation, and that public gatherings will be able to pray under the Name of Jesus Christ.

  3. The US Senate recently approved a drastic tax reduction in corporate taxes (from 35% to 21%). As overseas outsourcing decreases and jobs and working opportunities return to the United States, please pray that this new tax bill would serve as an opportunity to re-invest into the US economy, bringing continued growth and economic relief to this nation.

  4. The possibility of war between North and South Korea continues to cause tremendous concern. Please pray that God would reveal divine wisdom to the President, Secretary of State, and Secretary of Defense to resolve conflicts without resorting to war. Please pray also for the Korean Church. In the midst of continued controversy and challenges, may the Korean Church approach the Father in sincere repentance, cry out for His help, and seek out a great revival.

  5. May the United States of America experience a historic revival, causing a great move for sincere repentance, raising this nation to be a leading force in Biblical truths, economics, and armed forces that can be used in World Missions to restore order and morality across the world.

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