Garden Valley – East Texas, is seventy-nine miles east of Dallas and has a rich legacy of attracting global ministries. It has become one of the most ministry rich areas in the United States. Some people call it the “buckle” of the Bible Belt. Garden Valley is headquarters and home to JAMA Global, Mercy Ships, YWAM, Sky Ranch as well as many local dynamic churches. Mission Grove sits on what was formerly home to top recording artist and songwriter Keith Green. The region enjoys beautiful landscapes and many lakes. It is clear why people call the area “Little Jerusalem”. Your new home is being built on “Miracle Land”.


The Mission Grove site was selected because it’s nestled upon a rising hill surrounded by mature oak and pine trees which provide shade throughout the day. It’s located on a rising hill that provides a calm, quiet reflective environment, away from the daily activity on the campus. Additionally, it includes direct access to walking paths, nature hikes, and various styled gardens.


Founder, JAMA

Executive Chairman, JAMA Global

Mission Grove will be as holistic as the ministries and missionaries it serves. It will inspire homeownership with the sense of kingdom-minded stewardship, and will encourage neighbors to invest in each other’s lives.


Founder & President,
Messengers of Mercy (MOM)

We knew that God wanted us in community together. We want to continue to encourage and equip all of God’s people to use their God-given skills, talents, and available resources in the spread of the Gospel from MOM’s new home base on JAMA Global Campus.


Chief Administrative Officer,
JAMA Global Foundation

We imagined building a collaborative kingdom community to stand as a catalytic movement inspiring the next generation to “strengthen what remains” – elevating, enhancing and enriching the body of Christ.


Mission Grove is located at the JAMA Global Campus in the heart of Garden Valley, Texas. The campus is comprised of gently rolling meadows, areas of the densely forested area across 471 acres. Mission Grove (MG) is the inaugural staff/missional housing development site on JAMA Global Campus. It will include 10-12 units designed with a modern blend of glass, wood, and steel construction. The design seeks to maximize energy efficiency and optimize the lower cost of ownership and maintenance. 

The campus serves as the home to three core communities
  1. JAMA Global Ministries (zone 1)
    Zone 1 includes the existing buildings built on approximately 100 acres which are occupied by JAMA Global, Messengers of Mercy (MOM), Global Mission Resource Center and other collaborative kingdom partners.


  2. Lindale Kingdom College (zone 2)
    Zone 2 is located along Highway 1253 (the eastern boundary). This area is the future home and site of Lindale Kingdom College, roughly 100 acres.


  3. Garden Valley Community Land Trust (zone 3)
    Zone 3 occupies the largest remaining area of approximately 271 acres located on the Northwest section of the campus.


Ministry & Mission Partners

The driving purpose to build the JAMA Global Campus is to co-create a collaborative kingdom community that has an economic engine designed to sustain the long-term operating interests of the JAMA ministries, Messengers of Mercy (MOM) ministries, campus, and college. The endowment is needed to provide funding for the start-up expenses of the college while providing scholarships for student tuition. The campus mixed-master plan vision may host a multi-generational group of active residents and a  kingdom care center. Mission Grove will be the first of several planned Agrihood areas offering new homes to purchase or lease for retiring ministry leaders, missionaries, and a silver-town Christian residence. The master plan will also include Kingdom Care Center for elderly people who need assistance. This is a one-of-a-kind Kingdom collaborative campus, college, and community.


Michael D. Barham 

President & Principal Architect

Michael D Barham Architects, Inc.

Michael D. Barham Architects, Inc. has provided architectural services for numerous medical, educational, private and public projects. Our clients have included The University of Texas Health Science Center, Trinity Mother Francis, Northeast Texas Public Health District, City of Tyler and Tyler ISD. Our philosophy is based on the belief that good design will meet the needs of the client now and in the future and will be cost-efficient to build and to maintain. Mr. Barham is recognized as a devout Christian and an excellent team facilitator, able to mesh the goals of all parties in the design and construction process, with a consistent focus on the best outcome for the client. We believe that a truly successful design is the result of a team effort between the architect, the client, and the contractor.s to the font. 

Bryan Rossman 

Director of Business Development and Principal Engineer
Adams Engineering 

Adams was founded in 1980 by Gary M. Adams as a one-man civil engineering shop in Tyler, Texas. Over the past 39 years, Adams has grown into a multi-disciplinary firm employing engineers, landscape architects, planners, and development consultants. Today, Adams remains a family-owned and operated the business with Gary’s son, G. Robert Adams, as CEO. Our working knowledge of ever-changing state and federal regulations coupled with our familiarity with municipal ordinances enables Adams to anticipate necessary design requirements and effectively represent the communities, institutions, and municipalities we service. Adams’ commitment to our clients combined with state-of-the-art technology and engineering science to master the legal, financial, and operational challenges facing our clients in today’s competitive market.


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